Our Ethos

We created products that we wanted for ourselves. 

We're bringing things back to basics with real, natural ingredients straight from the earth. 

We take a holistic approach to health, offering small-batch, hemp-infused products that make you feel good. 


Hemp is a variety of Cannabis Sativa, selectively bred to grow fast and tall and produce seeds and plant fibers for agricultural and industrial purposes.  Hemp has been used in everything from clothes, plastics, paper, and food. Consider hemp to be a cousin of cannabis. Hemp, by definition, contains less than .3% THC; without the THC, it loses all psychoactive qualities. Ralph's Garden contains zero THC. 

The hemp used in our product is grown legally in Kentucky as part of the Agricultural Act of 2014. 


A beautiful flowering plant native to East Africa, Europe and much of Asia, lavender has a wide range of practical uses, including for culinary, healing, and fragrances.  This plant is believed to aid sleep, reduce anxiety.


The common marigold (calendula officinalis) is a spring flower that likely originates in Southern Europe, but grows across a wide range of climates and soil conditions.  Oils extracted from the flower heads possess anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities.  


Arnica is a common flower/plant in Europe and American homeopathy used commonly on bruises, aches, and pains. 


There are over five hundred species of Eucalyptus, a tree, shrub, or brush native to Australia and Tazmania.  The globulus variety is an evergreen tree that may reach as high as one hundred and eighty feet tall, and produces a rich oil in its leaves.  Eucalyptus globulus leaf oil provides a sharp purifying scent as well as antiseptic properties. 


Chamomile is a flowering herb native to Europe and Western Asia with remarkable qualities.  Chamomile is commonly added to tea as it is believed to calm the nervous system and digestive tract.  It is also added to creams and shampoos to sooth irritated skin while provide a warm, soothing fragrance.  

Founders Story

Alex Brandon founded his company in January 2017, drawing inspiration from both the time he spent in Colorado and his East Coast roots. Alex graduated from a top University followed by a successful career in the media industry. Deciding to take a chance, Alex left the comfort of a 9-5, moved to Boston and decided to build something of his own.  Ralph's Garden is a culmination of all of those chances taken.  

When Alex isn't busy at work running Ralph's Garden, he is busy writing for alt-weekly newspaper Dig Boston, where he covers the cannabis industry.  He is also a regular attendee and volunteer at New England’s many cannabis related lectures, events, and conventions, including NECANN, Mass/Cann’s Freedom Rally, and The Harvest Cup.


Ralph is Alex's dog and the inspiration for Ralph's Garden. 

Ralph lived his first 6 months on a Navajo reservation in northwest New Mexico before arriving in Boston. He is a pretty chill guy, likes the beach, and chasing tennis balls in Boston's many dog parks.